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Elevating Lives One Hometown Smile at a Time

Family dentistry in Crossville is something we know so much about at Hooie Dental. With over 30 years of experience in providing hometown care, we’ve watched as generations of patients stepped through our door, year after year, making visiting our office more like coming home to friends. 

If you feel comfortable around us, it’s all by design. From every aspect of our Crossville dental services to the details around the office, we want you to feel welcome. Know that when you’re ready to share your smile goals, we’re always here to listen and guide you down the right path to more informed dental health decisions. 

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There’s A Story
to Every Smile

Even at a young age, when our teeth are taking shape, there’s a reason why they’re shaped, sized, and spaced a particular way. It has everything to do with genetics and our body’s reaction to our external environment. For every smile, for every patient, no matter what your age, there’s something to be said about having optimal oral health.

Together, let’s uncover what’s been written in your oral health history and create a plan of action for everything from minor to major teeth transformations. The truth is, most of us have something we would like to change or need to fix when it comes to our smiles. 

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Years of Experience for Tailored Care

Throughout the years of providing family dentistry in Cumberland County, we’ve found that so many patients don’t even know how much they can benefit from restorative work. Are you missing a tooth or teeth? A dental implant can seamlessly fill the gap left behind. Is there a broken tooth that’s been bothering you? A dental crown could be the sensible solution you need to revitalize your bite. Have you been told you need a root canal but put up with the pain instead? You won’t have to when you come home to us — for comprehensive, professional Crossville dental services.