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We’re Your Guide to Reaching Peak Dental Health

Like any other part of your body, sometimes our teeth break down and require some work, such as Crossville restorative dentistry services, to help get them back on track. Suppose you or someone in your family, at any age, has struggled with dental issues. In that case, you know how the restorative dentistry process works — extending beyond simple dental fillings in Crossville

The good news is that you can relax because you’re at home with your friends and family at Hooie Dental. Dr. Donald Hooie has over three decades of advanced experience and training. He and his team are committed to delivering complex treatments like these in a way that’s understandable, relatable, and (best of all) affordable for patients in Cumberland County, Fairfield Glade, and Lake Tansi.

A huge thank you to Dr. Hooie for his patience, kindness, and a great sense of humor during my recent dental procedure. My entire life, I’ve never had a dentist who could numb me enough so that I did not feel extreme pain while having dental work until I went to Dr. Hooie. I didn’t feel a thing! Great job and I cannot thank him enough. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from Dr. Hooie himself later that same day to make sure I was doing okay! Great care and a great staff!!!

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Compassionate Dental Care for the Greater Good

When you or someone in your family has a smile that’s due for a little or big repair, we want you to be comfortable every step of the way. From the beginning of diagnosing your dental concerns and creating a treatment plan, you’ll never be left in the dark. We’ll explain everything to you in terms you understand, listen to your concerns, and answer all of your questions. We’re here to help and be your go-to resource anytime you need us. 

The good news is that we can provide you with everything you need from restorative dentistry — from simple dental fillings in Crossville to more complex oral surgery — right here in the office, with the friendly team you trust. We know you and your oral health best; we go out of our way to do all we can to preserve and protect it. Your overall health and needs come first, without upselling or unnecessary treatment recommendations. 

Restoring health and aesthetics to your smile is just one of the gifts we hope to give you and your family during your time as a valued Hooie Dental patient. Trust us to recommend Crossville restorative dentistry that’s right at a cost you can afford.

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Restorative Services


At Hooie Dental, our patients range in age but there’s one dental dilemma that can attack anyone at any time — cavities. You never want to hear you have one, let alone your child or teen, but the truth of the matter is that dental fillings in Crossville are less invasive and less noticeable than ever before. Better yet, fillings are an affordable Crossville restorative dentistry solution everyone, at any age can benefit from. 

From the moment we discuss your cavity diagnosis to when we’re ready to complete your dental filling procedure, we want to make sure you’re comfortable and never feeling unsure. For most cavity repairs and restorations, Dr. Hooie relies on composite fillings. They are an amazing tool that patients love because they blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, compared to the dark metal fillings from the past. We can even use special gold material upon request. If you’ve been worried about dental fillings in Crossville or cavities, don’t put off your checkups. We here to help you improve your oral and overall health — one cavity at a time, at a pace that fits your lifestyle, and at a cost that won’t break your budget.

Porcelain Inlays/Onlays

Sometimes regular tooth-colored dental fillings in Crossville just won’t work as a viable solution to your cavity issues. That’s when your restorative dentist like Dr. Hooie might suggest a dental inlay/onlay — customized fillings that have a more specialized fit. What’s the difference between an inlay and an onlay? It breaks down like this:

  • Inlays – Fills parts of the cusps or ridged edges at the tops of your molars.
  • Onlays – Covers your tooth’s cusps when there’s a wide area of decay.

These restorative treatments have many benefits to patients and their smiles, including:

  • Lasting durability – The advanced materials used to carefully craft your inlays and onlays are incredibly strong, stable, and effective.
  • Protection for weakened teeth – When your damaged tooth is fragile, onlays can be used to restore strength and function.
  • Easier cleaning – Since inlays and onlays are fitted precisely to the edges of your teeth, keeping your teeth free from decay is trouble-free. 

Like all of our amazing Crossville restorative dentistry treatments, inlays and onlays are designed to preserve and protect as much of your healthy teeth as possible. Call us today to ask questions or schedule an appointment for a consultation.


Crossville restorative dentistry would not be possible without the help of crowns and bridges courtesy of Dr. Hooie and his friendly team. Much like porcelain veneers, we can use them to:

  • Recreate a more normal, stable tooth structure where there’s extensive damage or decay.
  • Protect a tooth where a large cavity is present or if you need to have a failing filling removed.
  • Rebuild a healthier chewing surface for a better bite and improved smile function and confidence.

If you’re missing a tooth and opt for a dental implant restoration, we can create a custom crown that acts as a replacement tooth. Crowns are also part of a bridge system as a prosthetic tooth and anchor to your bridge. Say goodbye to your weakened or missing teeth with durable, affordable crowns and bridges.

Partial Dentures

What if we told you there’s a way to fix your missing teeth without worrying about having oral surgery? It’s possible with partial dentures from Hooie Dental. Now, we know some people cringe at the word dentures, but that’s only because they’re familiar with the procedures of the past. Crossville restorative dentistry has advanced and progressed over the years, along with the materials used to custom craft your partial dentures. 

Partials are generally recommended for patients who still have teeth remaining and don’t need a full set or complete dentures. 

Partial dentures come with major benefits. They:

  1. Are less invasive and more affordable than replacing all of your teeth.
  2. Can be modified as you need to make adjustments in the future.
  3. Enhance your look while giving you a more confident smile.
  4. Provide more comfort for chewing, eating, and speaking.
  5. Are easy for most patients to adapt to compared to traditional dentures.

It’s easy to see why partial dentures are used on Crossville restorative dentistry treatment plans. They’re a great option for adults who are missing teeth and want to have a healthy, whole smile again.

Complete Dentures

Don’t feel like you have to miss out on life because you’re losing or have lost your teeth. There’s a way to make it less challenging to eat and speak again. There’s a solution that prevents bone loss in your jaw which can cause your face to lose its natural shape. If you’re missing either your bottom or top full arch (or both), you might be a perfect candidate for a set of complete dentures. 

For hundreds of years, complete or traditional dentures have been widely used across the world, undergoing numerous changes and transformation to help patients get their life back. Today’s dentures:

  • Are more customized and comfortable than ever.
  • Have a more natural, beautiful appearance.
  • Give patients added functionality they never thought possible.
  • Can be easily removed, cleaned, and soaked overnight. 
  • Give you back the confidence to face the world. 

Don’t let the thought of dentures get you down. Schedule some time to talk with Dr. Hooie. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to make the call.


You might see the word endodontics and wonder what it has to do with Crossville restorative dentistry. If we put it another way, you’ll surely know what we mean. What if we told you endodontics is the branch of dentistry that is based on root canals? So often, these two words make people feel uneasy or nervous. We’re here to tell you there’s no reason to feel that way when you’re in the hands of Dr. Hooie and his team.

Chances are you’ve been in great pain if it’s decided that a root canal is your best restorative solution. So, you can feel relieved that we’re going to alleviate your pain and save your tooth from enduring any additional damage. The reason why discomfort occurs and a root canal is necessary is because decay can cause an infection within the pulp of your tooth. Our gentle root canals allow Dr. Hooie to clear out any infection and prepare your tooth for repair, which could include a dental crown designed to bring back function and strength to your bite. The good news is we can complete most endodontic treatments in the comfort of our Crossville dental office, so there’s no need for a specialist referral.

Oral Surgery

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to hear that you need surgery anywhere on your body. Sometimes it’s the only way to save your smile from further damage that could lead to even more dental work down the road. With Hooie Dental, there’s nothing to worry about! Since we’re a one-stop-shop for Crossville restorative dentistry, you can have any minor or major oral surgery completed in the comfort of our office with the team beside you that you know and trust. There’s no traveling out of town to a new office with a team you’ve never met before. We’re by your side every step of the way — from your comprehensive examination and treatment planning to the day of your treatment and post-operative care. 

Dr. Hooie has over three decades of expertise and experience in dentistry and oral surgery, so you know that you’re going to receive advanced care from start to finish. We might recommend the option of oral surgery to fix a variety of dental health issues, including:

  • A severely damaged or decayed tooth that cannot be saved.
  • Removing a tooth for replacement with a more durable dental implant.
  • To help with impacted or troublesome wisdom teeth in teens and young adults.
  • Completing more involved oral surgeries such as hemisection, a specialized procedure where half of an injured tooth is extracted. 

Trust us when we say not to let the thought of oral surgery for you or someone in your family get you down. The Hooie Dental team is your partner for dedicated dentistry delivered with compassionate comfort.


There’s so much to say when it comes to the many incredible, innovative advancements that have taken place over the years in terms of dental technology. We want to share how different and how much more comfortable dentistry can be when you have the right technology and a highly trained team of professionals who know how to use it well. 

Providing patients with high-quality Crossville restorative dentistry is something we pride ourselves on each day we open our office doors. So much of the life-changing work we do would not be possible without some of the tools and resources we have at our disposal. We care for people from across Cumberland County, Fairfield Glade, and Lake Tansi who value their oral health and what it takes to make it function optimally. Some of the technology that allows us to provide such personalized yet comprehensive care includes:

  • CEREC® – Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic is the long name for this state-of-the-art method of Crossville restorative dentistry. It uses both computer-assisted design and computer-aided manufacturing.
  • CBCT scanner – Cone-beam computed tomography rotates around your head, capturing precise x-ray imaging. 
  • WaterLase – This dental laser allows Dr. Hooie to complete treatment with minimal usage of a drill or anesthetic using a combination of water, air, and laser energy. 

There’s so much amazing technology available today and we want to show you how it all works!