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Crossville TMJ Treatment

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Still Searching for Successful TMJ Treatment in Crossville?

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Hooie Dental Can Help You Be Pain-Free and Happy

If you’re one of the many people we help each year who’s consistently struggled with jaw pain in Crossville, you know it can be an endless cycle of discomfort or relying on pain relievers. Maybe you’ve been to doctors and specialists over the years, only to never feel true relief. It’s time you tried TMJ treatment in Crossville with the highly-skilled, friendly team at Hooie Dental. Stop the guesswork and start finding your ideal smile solution. It’s our goal to give you a smile that’s more comfortable and functional. 

A huge thank you to Dr. Hooie for his patience, kindness, and a great sense of humor during my recent dental procedure. My entire life, I’ve never had a dentist who could numb me enough so that I did not feel extreme pain while having dental work until I went to Dr. Hooie. I didn’t feel a thing! Great job and I cannot thank him enough. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from Dr. Hooie himself later that same day to make sure I was doing okay! Great care and a great staff!!!

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TMJ and TMD: Can You Explain the Difference to Me?

Your annoying jaw or headache pain might be a painful disorder related to your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw joint, or a concern with the muscles that move your jaw (TMD). It affects your joint in front of your ears, creating a connection between your lower jawbone and your skull. Move your mouth and face up, down, open, and close. That’s your TMJ hard at work — It’s the most used joint in your entire body, only able to rest and regenerate when you’re asleep. Without the proper use of your jaw joint, you can’t properly speak, chew, laugh, yawn, or even smile. That’s why this hard-working joint is crucial to our survival, so it’s essential to have it be healthy and functioning optimally. 

Sometimes providing your TMJ and surrounding muscles with ideal rest aren’t as easy as it ought to be. Many people grind their teeth during sleep or clench their jaw when tense or even in their most relaxed state (and not even know it). The results of all of this can lead to:

  • TMD
  • Detrimental dental damage
  • A bad bite

All of these things add up to the perfect storm of pain that can occur almost anywhere in your body when your TMJ is to blame.

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If You Need TMJ Treatment in Crossville, We Can Help

Because of its many signs and symptoms, it can be a challenge to diagnose TMD properly. Frequently it’s misdiagnosed as something else ranging from migraines and recurring headaches to generalized anxiety and earaches. Dr. Donald Hooie has innovative tools and extensive training to help determine if you’re struggling with TMJ or if your issues stem from something called myofascial pain disorder or MPD. This occurs in patients within the muscles near and around your jaw joints that are unbalanced or affected by trauma. In fact, 86 percent of patients actually have MPD, not true joint damage. 

If your pain is associated with MPD, we can use these successful treatments in the comfort of our office:

  • Pain-relieving Botox®
  • Soothing massage 
  • Physical therapy

Dr. Hooie can conduct gentle trigger point injections in places such as your shoulders and neck to provide even greater flexibility and relief. If you do have TMJ, other options are available, including fitting you with a custom, comfortable oral appliance. If you need TMJ treatment in Crossville requiring more in-depth or surgical attention, we can refer you to a trusted partner who can help.